Trucking Facts

Did you know?
Trucking is the backbone of the American economy
There is a saying that “if you bought it, a truck brought it!”

In 2006:

  • 69% of all freight traveled on a truck at some point! (1)
  • Trucks transported 10.7 billion tons of freight (1)
  • Trucking was a $645 billion industry (1)

Truck drivers have an impressive safety record:

  • Truck drivers have half the crash rate per vehicle mile compared to passenger car drivers! (2,3)
  • Truck drivers are coded with lower rates of misbehaviors than passenger car drivers (2,3)

Truck driver health is a national priority:

Truck driving is a demanding profession with long work hours and many other health and safety challenges.  Knowledge is power, and drivers need access to the best information possible to defend and protect themselves on the road.  Truck drivers experience:

  • 10% of all workplace fatalities in the US (4)
  • 8% of all workplace musculoskeletal injuries (5)
  • Almost 20% higher risk of obesity compared to the average American (6-8)


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