Welcome to SHIFT

Helping truck drivers live long and healthy lives!

SHIFT is conducting a research study of driver health and safety with funding from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute.

Any driver at a participating company with an interest in managing or losing weight should volunteer. If you've seen an advertisement at your terminal or received a flyer in the mail, your company is participating.

SHIFT provides:
• Free, convenient, and confidential health screenings (three screenings spaced over 18 months).
     - Blood pressure and fitness
     - Blood cholesterol and sugar
     - And more!
• Hourly pay plus lottery prizes.
• Randomly selected volunteers will also receive a 6-month weight loss competition and health promotion program.

To Volunteer or Learn More:
E-mail: shift@ohsu.edu
Call: (503) 9-SHIFT-9

This Website

In addition to supporting the SHIFT program, this website is meant to help ALL drivers find great safety and health information. Please explore our links for valuable knowledge about living a long and healthy life on the road!